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  • MINCED MEAT AND VEGGIES IN NO TIME: The manual mincer will mince your meat, vegetables, herbs and beans in no time just by turning the crank. Use the minced meat for delicious homemade burgers and meatballs or use our sausage funnel to make healthy sausages at home for your family.
  • REFRESHING JUICE AND ICE CREAM: With this essential kitchen tool you can make delicious juice and smoothies every morning and stay healthy. And for those hot summer days you can use the ice cream accessory to get that pretty shape and turn your frozen fruits into refreshing and delicious ice cream.
  • FINE AND COARSE MINCING: The manual mincer has two stainless steel discs so you can choose if you want to mince your meat and veggies in fine or coarse pieces. With the fine mincing option you can create homemade fruit or vegetable purée that is perfect for baby food and sauces.
  • NO ELECTRICITY REQUIRED: The manual mincer and juicer does not require any electricity and it is very easy to use. Just turn the handle and grind your ingredients. The juicer is ideal for traveling and camping as you don’t need anything other than your own hands!
  • RISK FREE PURCHASE: Our manual mincer is made with great attention to detail and we are certain that you will love it! If you are not completely satisfied with the juicer, we will give you a full refund – just let us know!

Zalik Meat Grinder And Juicer

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